How to load OSM maps to Garmin GPSMAP 64s

No special software required. Should work for Linux, OS X, or Windows, but you’ll need to mount the Garmin device or its SD card to the PC.

Download the map:

  1. Go to: href=”
  2. Under “Choose a predefined country”, pick a map to download from the dropdown lists. You can also select tiles manually from the map by clicking “Enable manual tile selection”.
  3. Enter your email and click “download map now” or “Build my map”, depending on whether the map exists on the server.
  4. You’ll receive two emails, the second one containing a link to an HTML page where you can download your map. Go to that page and download a file that looks like
  5. Unzip the file to something like gmapsupp.img

Put the map on your GPSr.

  1. Connect GPS device to your PC and mount the SD card so you can see the card as a drive. This should happen automatically. Or you can put the SD Card in a reader attached to the computer
  2. Copy the .img file to the drive, into the directory Garmin. Careful not to overwrite anything already there.
  3. This is what works for the GPSMap 64s:
    1. Press the Menu button then scroll to Select Map and press Enter.
    2. Scroll to the map and press Enter twice to enable it. You can also optionally disable other maps while you’re there.


Seymour Mountain

Download GPX

Sawteeth Gothic Armstrong

Cascade & Porter

Ampersand Mountain

Bog River Flow

Bog River Flow

Lake Lila

How to pair Sennheiser HD4.40 Bluetooth headphones

The Fine Manual appears to be wrong1 so I’m posting this here, maybe it’ll help someone out… .

  1. Have your phone’s Bluetooth settings open and searching for devices.
  2. Press the power button for four seconds. It’s on the right ear cup at the back, next to the LED. The LED blinks blue and the speaker says “Power On”.
  3. If the voice doesn’t say “Connected” (i.e. paired), hold the button down again for five seconds until the LED blinks red and blue.
  4. If it still doesn’t pair, on the phone, “forget” the 4.40 if it was ever paired.  Power down the headphones by pressing and holding the power button.
  5. Turn it back on as described above. When the LED blinks blue and the speaker says “Power On”, hold the power button down again for five seconds until the LED blinks red and blue.
  6. Simultaneously press the power button and the one next to it for four seconds. The LED flashes purple three times. This resets the headphones.
  7. Turn off the headphones and return to step one, above.

1Or at least I couldn’t get it to pair from the instructions